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About Us

SBHL is a specialist hotel and residential service provider for accommodation, facilities
management and guest services to public and private sector clients throughout the UK.
Our multi-disciplinary teams are recruited and trained to deliver bespoke guest services
that don’t just meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients.
Given this expertise, SBHL has become a leading provider of the UK Government’s
provision of temporary accommodation for those seeking asylum in the UK, contracted
through Clearsprings Ready Homes.
SBHL operates across the South, South East and South West of the UK and its services
include the provision of temporary accommodation, facilities management, logistics and
supply chain management, security, welfare and pastoral support.

What We Do

Working in partnership with central and local government, community groups, voluntary
organizations and charities that operate across communities, SBHL provides more than
just accommodation to its guests.
Our staff strive every day to ensure each guest is welcomed, supported and serviced in a
way that connects them with communities, is sensitive to their culture and delivers an
experience that is both compassionate and caring.
SBHL deploys its expertise in facilities management, IT solutions, security, transport, food
and welfare services across its whole estate.
SBHL also offers a range of pastoral and welfare services that go beyond the bounds of a
hotel and exceed the requirements of our contracts. At SBHL we ensure our guests are
treated with dignity, with every effort made to support their needs and those of the
communities in which they live.

SBHL Deploys Its Expertise

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